Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two in a month....I'm on a roll!

So the kids are at awana and the baby is in bed already, Alex picked up the house earlier and I find myself with nothing to do....that just never happens, I'm to tired to start a project, so I thought I would jump on here. Isaac was up a lot last night, not sure why, we ate dinner at souper salad And I am wondering if they spray their lettuce with something....otherwise I have no idea what it was all about....he fussed a lot today, but went to bed well tonight, we'll see! Hoping he will settle down and do well tonight. The dr called and all test were clear and I can start egg in mh diet...I'm honestly not sure how I feel....I don't want to interrupt the good thing I have going, oh but to eat a torn!

I don't want this blog to turn into a only about isaac thing, so I am going to move on! I have a question for anyone with a little guy, when I say little, I mean small...peanut....kinda little. Eli is 2 1/2 and he is tiny....he weights like 22 lbs and is well, I'm not sure how tall...but it's not tall at all...he's still wearing 18 m pants and they are long....anyway, he hasn't gained weight in 6 months now and I don't want to worry, but....any thoughts? He is doing great otherwise....he is talking well, still hard to understand, but trying (Emma understands most of what he says) he is well rounded heehee just not very round! He did seem to have a hard time for a while, but let's face it, our whole family had a hard time for a while....screaming babies effects everyone after a while! But he has settled back down very well for the last month or so....our whole house has. I tell people I feel as though we have re-entered the land of the living...and I appologize if you feel as though you were dropped by us in the last six wasnt intentional, we were in survival mode. The mode is switching and you will probably be hearing from me soon, I am finding i want to venture out again! HA!

So Ian...turns 5 soon, oh so hard for me to believe! He is signed up for soccer, which he is excited about, it will be the first time on a "real team". That boy melts my heart and he has a personality that reminds me of dad so often. He loves school, and last night he wanted to do Emma math fact fun, oh and yes, he totally could do most of them! He is my model, or should be, so fun to take his picture...and so easy....everyone turns out perfect....if only they were all that way.

Emma informed me the other day that she is now 6 1/2 heeehee oh those were the days, remember when that 1/2 mattered so much? She is my hero....she never gets mad at the crying...she has the her years for sure! We are loving school, I am so blessed that I am able to learn from her. :) She is super fun to be around and wise beyond her years. I will work on some pictures soon, but I can't from my iPad, so it will have to wait til I am on the other computer!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wow...I am averaging 2 post a year! Ha

AND I don't think it will get any better any time soon. Wow, I had to stop and read what i wrote last, and I admit, it brought tears to my eyes, it's funny how somethings don't chance...ei...your calling, and others change so fast! Last time i did a recap of summer, and now I will give a recap of fall/winter. September is where I left off...fall was a blur really, lots of runny noses and a screaming baby about sums it up...we were told Isaac had a casein allergy...stopped nursing, started a hypoallergenic formula...he stopped eating, called a friend in tears and cried sooooo much that night. Started nursing again on a restricted diet...he was a little better, restricted diet more, he improved again....started dropping unwanted pounds...a bonus side effect of crazy diet! six month well visit, we decided to go see an allergist to see if we could find some answers. Expected to find allergies...there were none, but since seeing gi dr we knew he had blood in his stool along with crying times as if he was in a lot of pain....ezema....and abnormal stool...sounds fun right. So more test were done, along with introducing rice cereal...heehee...yeah so every time we would give him cereal he would scream with in 30 minutes, like he was having his insides ripped out of him. So we stopped cereal. All test were back and normal, so it's not's FPIES, what is fpies well it's food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome...whew a big label for such a little guy. It's a clinical diagnosis, as there is no way to actually prove it, he has yet to have a "full blown" reaction, but most don't until they actually ingest the food and since we aren't doing much food yet we haven't been we are still nursing and have added in oatmeal, apples, carrots, and pears successfully. The allergist decided to follow this protocol because he fits it perfectly and all the food I have eliminated from my diet are all on the food trigger list for fpies. All the way down to the most common being rice...crazy! It appears that since he was getting the proteins through the breast milk he wasn't having the full reactions...only aggravations, and we are unsure exactly which ones might cause a full attack (which includes throwing up repeatedly for a couple of hours until the body goes into shock) so the future might be bumpy when we start more foods. I must say again, I feel my faith being stretched, and i daily tell myself that its all in His control.
Now on all the other notes, school is still going well, we took a long break over Christmas which was nice. School is going well, we enjoy our days at home! Christmassaws SO SO fun, I bought a shirt that said "the more the merrier" as I get tired of people asking if they are all mine! Heehee! But you can't have four and not have a fun Christmas! Eli really got into the Christmas spirit this fun...still haven't even downloaded those pictures yet, Emma was in the nutcracker again this year and was a little party girl, super cute, and she has so much fun, it was hard for me this year with isaac, but still fun! Alex took off for 10 days around christmas and he was wonderful and let me sleep a lot.....which was soooo needed. I found time to catch up on me a little bit and realized how weary I was and how effecting everything around me. I also had time to figure out that a lot of my weary was from worry, about Isaac, about school, about how the kids were hanging in here, about how alex was coping.....and you know, worry is a festering little thing, it will eat you if you let I was able to hand that festering little thing over to the waiting hands of Jesus and LEAVE it there....whoohoo! Now, everyday is not perfect, I am still struggling with it some, I still have it give it back now and then....but I feel replenished and filled with peace about whatever might come next!
I hope your holiday season was wonderful, forgive my lack of Christmas card, it will return next should see all the pictures I took over the holidays of the kids....and some are cute, but the just didn't happen!....and I'm not going to stress or worry a out it. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


As you can tell by the above picture, I did have the baby! lol! THREE months ago! All I can say, is wow, life has hit an all time high speed for us! :) Isaac made his entrance on May 25th after 3 hrs of labor, and I don't think things have slowed down since that moment! Being a mommy of 4 under 6 has proven to be my greatest challenge of life yet, yet SO rewarding all at the same time! It has taken 3 months to feel like I am finding the "swing" of things, in that process I have been stretched and pulled ALOT, but I know that is all part of the process called life, and I embrace the things my Jesus is teaching me...oh so much! Isaac has been a hard baby, w/ reflux and, I just love that term...we don't really know why, but he just wants to cry alot!...hmm, I can tell you why, he is hurting, he is throwing up in his mouth and it BURNS! Poor guy, he really is a trooper! So here is a quick recap of our super duper fast summer! Isaac arrived at 7lbs and 14oz on May 25th, by the first of June we put our house on the market, we celebrated our 8th anniversary, Alex's 29th birthday, Emma's 6th birthday, and are now nearing Eli's 2 birthday! We have visited the ER for a concussion...yep, that would be for Eli, and seeing the pediatrician more times that I can count....mostly for well visits...but still YUCK! We started school the first of August, w/ Emma in 1st grade and Ian in an T-K program, we are LOVING school as always, and very quickly I gave up on a schedule and realized my kiddos are learning SO much and the stress of "finishing on time" each day was impossible w/ 2 babies too! We are well, into our school year and look forward to school each day! How exciting it is to see them learn! I love that as part of school I am teaching them to love each other and to be proud of each other and their accomplishments, that it's not a race or competition over who knows more! I love that I can teach them about Jesus as part of their school day, and that they think that is SO normal, and at this point in their life they don't know the difference! I love their INNOCENCE....and that they are allowed to stay that way! Ian loves being in school with Emma and it so fun to see him learn about learning, I'm not interested in starting him early, but he SO wants to learn I had to find something for him to do, I am amazed at how he is soaking it up and FLYING through his work...I am not pushing it, but he wants it SO bad, I pray that will last through his whole life!...what an awesome quaility, to want to learn with such a desire!

Emma never stops amazing me, she is by far (in my opinion) the best big sister any kid could want! She has such a tender heart, and a love for her brothers like you just don't find often!...I heard her tell her brother the other day that when she goes up she wants to be a mommy! (a girl after my heart for sure!) She offers praise and encouragement up so easily, she wants the best for others and wants them to do right! She has the purest heart, I am so blessed to have her as my girl!

Eli, well....just typing his name puts a smile on my face! He is unlike anything I have ever met! He is my stinker, he is SO fun-loving and SO CUTE you could eat him! Laid-back and high-strung all at once! He bubbles over adventure and busy! He has been my slow talker, but is so super-duper smart(trust me, he has us all looking like fools! ) He loves his sister, has always been a daddy's boy, but still let's mommy cuddle him in the early mornings when he get's up! I eat him up daily! He loves Isaac and calls him "bAby" but won't say Isaac if you ask!..wants to "play" w/ him....oh, and he won't say many words in English if you ask him too...but if it's Spanish, he will repeat whatever it is! HA! CRAZY KID! He is too fun!

Isaac, well, he came from the same pot for sure!...he looks like a mini of the rest! :) His smile looks like it could jump right off his face! He is a BIG boy, weighing 15 lbs at 3 months, he is breaking my mold of little babies! He is sleeping through the night and eats say the least! :) His reflux is improving and he is settling in well! It's hard to believe he is already so big! He loves to have attention, which in this house, he is not lacking! He wants his bed when it's time to sleep, and doesn't like to be rocked (thankgoodness!) He is the absolute perfect addition to our family! I am SO glad that God chose him for us! and that I am not in control of what is best for our family, otherwise we would have missed out on little man, and I can't imagine how we would of lived w/o him here!

Alex, is the best in the world, the perfect fit for me! He has taught me so much, about me, life...about everything! He is doing wonderful, loves work, and loving coming home to us! What else can I say.....I AM BLESSED!

I was finishing my post and thought I should come back and put a thought in here about mom...She is amazing, and that really is enough said....but so I don't make light of her situation....she is grieving, and it's hard, I can't imagine...I haven't been there...she does her best, which like I said to me is amazing...amazing to watch! When you have walked through grief as she had already, you know what to expect the 2nd time, but that in a way makes it harder, she doesn't want to have to do it again, yet she knows she must...their is no escape. It has been super hard to watch her struggle through, I don't know how she has done it....but I know she would say..."I am doing it w/ my God, one day at the time" not everyday is good, but not everyday is horrible either! Keep praying for her!

to see more pictures, visit my facebook page!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A few moments of calm....BTW I absolutely love my life!

For the moment the only thing I hear is the humming of the washer and dryer and the beeping of the school bus backing up at the know, I hear those 2 things EVERYDAY in my world...well almost everyday...and I wouldn't change a thing about my world! Funny, I have never thought..."I wish Emma was getting off that bus" BUT ok, I will admit, there are days when I HATE the washer and dryer...even more, the folding isn't my favorite thing at all!...but mostly, I like my washer and dryer, they are really nice and I am thankful for how fast they get their job done...helping me through the despicable job of laundry...if it has to be done, at least it's done fast! I do enjoy that I am able to wash my diapers and not throw them away and go buy more! Soon I will be washing for 2 babies bottoms....not sure how much I will enjoy the cloth diapering then! This is the time of day that Eli is napping (in a BIG boy bed now...whoohoo!) and the other kids are having rest time, I have most of the house in order (we were gone part of our it's not all done today, but that's ok) I am starting to think about dinner, but still as you most know, don't have much to worry about, it's planned for me, and most of the time my awesome hubby will even be the one fixing it! Have I EVER mentioned, I LOVE the fact that he LOVES to cook! YEP, he wants to do the cooking...some days I feel like I live in heaven over that very fact! Now, mind you, I can do it, and don't mind to much having to...but hey if he wants to...WHO AM I TO STOP HIM! :) I am so thankful that when I right now...and look at my life as a feel so BLESSED, you can't buy happiness, and we as a family haven't tried, yet we are there....we are a happy, content, family. Once again, NOTE I didn't say we don't have our trails, heaven help us, we are in the mist of one now...but still even through the difficulties I wouldn't change my world....I love my kids, and having them home...we started swimming lessons today (w/ the plan of not stopping til they are fish) and the swim instructor pulled me aside at the end just to tell me I had the most awesome well-behaved kids he had ever had in class (now mind you, this was the first I am confident he will only love them more as time goes on...I swell w/ pride...the good kinda pride...all the time over my kids. Example, Emma has a little girl in her ballet class that lost all her hair due to a medical condition...and the night they are were given their costumes for the recital the teacher wanted them to wear them in class...all the girls excitedly put on their costumes and hair pieces and were extremely thrilled...except this one little girl, who's baby fine "just starting to grow in" hair wouldn't hold the hair piece... she was in tears wanting to be like everyone what did Emma do, she took hers out, so Sara Beth wouldn't be the only one not wearing hers! Those are moments are a parent you will treasure forever! Those moments when you see Christ in your 5 year old shining through so brightly! Those moments when you know that everything you choose to do "differently" is SO worth it, and all of a sudden you remember why you are being a different parent from those around you, even those who are closely around you, you don't always feel like you fit right....those moments remind me it's ok to be completely different, I want to be completely you?

This week we will come to the 8th year since dad died, it's funny now, it seems like time has flown by...but I remember the day when I didn't think I could survive the week, month or year. Next month Alex and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary EIGHT years (and by then FOUR kids) later, and I love him more now than ever. I can't tell you how of a unique situation Gary's illness and death put on our marriage, what in a weird way was a healing time for me and my relationship w/ Alex. I know it's sounds odd, but let me explain. Dad was sick while Alex and I were engaged, the dr told us to move our wedding date to June and dad would still be alive and I already mentioned, that was not so, so daddy died one month before our wedding day. I know it's unneeded to say, the first months of marriage were hard, we were YOUNG (I would NEVER change that fact) and dealing w/ situations our parents hadn't even dealt w/ yet...the death of a parent being one of was hard. Gary's sickness and death were almost like a do-over in a way, we found ourselves having to work together to figure out how to deal w/ everything that was happening. We had to trust each other and the decisions we were making, to trust each other and put the other first and our feelings and wants aside...It was so healing to me, to have the chance to see our marriage at work in a hard time...It was so healing for me to see him put everything down and love on me, hold me, send me to the hospital or Durham at extremely inconvenient times....times when he totally could of pulled the "but the kids card" or the "not in the budget card" or the "I have a test or plans card" but never once did he do this, he would voice a concern and a plan to make it all work best for our family! I guess all this to say, I am SO blessed to have be given him as my partner in life, and I am coming to understand now, that back then, 8 years ago, I didn't have a clue what God was handing me, but I am sure GLAD He did! :) Alex I love you, and am SO looking forward to the days ahead....I know God has plans for us...plans we can't even imagine YET!

How is mom, I know that is a question most of you are asking...she is mom, she is the most amazing person I have ever met. She has strength can only dream about. She also just lost her second husband in 8 years, she is hurting, she is in constant commune w/ our Lord....she is going to make it! The process of grief is no different w/ your second spouse...I have learned that. Just b/c she "been here" before doesn't make it any fact in a way it's know what to expect, and you are caught off guard that even w/ your knowledge it's still EXTREMELY HARD! Please continue to pray for her, but know, she is standing in God's awesome power...given just to those in the time of need.

How did the kids do w/ everything that happened...they did very well, they seems to have a child-like understanding, both of the older ones have at their own times told me they miss Papa and want to see him....Emma has asked who would keep them when Isaac comes (Papa was ALWAYS keep her, w/ both Ian and Eli's her request) I know she has been thinking about that alot...which of course makes me hurt for her. Eli walked around mom's house the other day pointing at every picture of Gary saying "want that"....super pitiful. But all in all, they are working through it as well as they can....

I could go on, but I see it's now rounding the corner near 4, and I still have things to get done today! Alex should be walking in any time now....SO, I want to jump off! i will try to be back before baby...but as always, I won't make any promises!

Monday, April 12, 2010

these are the times...when

when you laugh, and cry. When you don't understand, yet understand completely. When you are happy, and sad. When you hurt and heal then hurt somemore, yet you know, you know that God is w/ you, He loves you, and He's still in control. Where am I, you might ask, where have I been!?

At this moment, I am sitting in a hospital room listening to Becca read scripture to here daddy...such is a sight I know all to well. I am in the corner, trying to keep my tears silent as I mom's words ringing in my ears..."why is this happening...again...what did I do wrong?" I know, we all know the answer to that...nothing, she did nothing wrong, but at this moment it sure doesn't seem that way to her. They expect Gary to leave our world today or tomorrow, of course there is no time table to be placed on we wait, I must say, I hate waiting on death.

Let's back up a little, seeing how I haven't posted since like forever! Where have I been? Well, not posting, for a reason...I felt called to shift my focus to other things. I never meant for my blog to be anything but a way to express what was going on...what was in my head. So, I released myself from the "need" of blogging. What a relief it was! For me, for now, I needed that! I knew God was calling me to stay focused on Him and my family, and for me, for now, that meant not blogging! I wanted a new hobby, and I couldn't do both! So why now? Well, I have found myself w/ ALOT of time for the moment, and I need to here I am :) I am not, not doing fact, for now, my only "job" is to stay quiet and be here!...waiting....

How about some tidbits from our life! Emma is READING...super well! I am so proud of her! Our school year has been awesome, I'm not sure who learned more, ME or her! Today at the dr's office I even watched Ian take his little finger and scan it across the words and sound out the letters...he didn't even know he was saying some of the words....I was super excited to see what he has picked up just from watching her learn to read! I am talking about our year as if it has already come to a close, well, I haven't made the official decision, but I think we are close to ending our year! I am in the throws of planning next year...which I am even more excited will include Ian's preschool....practically on a K level, b/c he is ADDAMENT about doing "school" too! And at one time I was worried he wouldn't want to learn! I have picked my curriculum for next year, working on the scheduling of everything...and am SO excited!

Last Monday(the Monday before Easter) Ian asked Jesus in his heart! He was super excited, they had learned about Jesus dying on the cross at church the day before, and he had lot's of questions, when we sat down to do bible for school, he asked if we could read about Jesus dying...."but don't stop til He's ALIVE again..mommy" is what he said. then he asked if I knew that "Jesus didn't have to die for me...but he did anyway" Sweet boy, I think he could of lead me to the Lord right then...Emma, Ian and I had the sweetest conversation that lasted about 45 minutes. It ended w/ Ian telling me, he needed Jesus in his heart b/c Jesus was his best friend, and he wanted to see him when he died! My heart melted! All I could think was delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desire of your heart! I have NO GREATER desire, than to see my children have a relationship w/ Christ! What confirmation that I am "delighting" in the Lord!

It's interesting, these past weeks have been rough, to say the least. I HATE seeing my mom in pain, my kids hurting, and I hate watching this strong man....well...die. Yet at the same time, it amazes me how God shows Himself...One of the things that was the HARDEST to deal w/ when Daddy died was the mixing of happy and sad. knowing or not knowing how to be sad and happy at the same time, being devastated and excited together seemed so impossible. Yet here again...I find that death is knocking, and yet their are baby showers, vacation, passing of test, and salvations to be excited about...the difference this time...I know it's all ok. It's ok to be sad, and cry. It's ok to look forward to baby showers. It's wonderful to know my son has Jesus in his little heart. It's exciting to see the joy my husband has to have FINALLY passed that test! He deserves my excitement, and no one is going to judge me for it...and if they do, it's not my issue, but theirs! :) FYI, in case you didn't know, their are no wrong answers to grief or joy. Everyone does it in there way...and that's the way it's suppose to be. I am thankful this time, that I have had the previous experience, the knowledge, the pain from the past, it's helping me to understand this new experience. To know, it's hard, but not impossible. That no matter what I WILL be stronger with an even better understanding of God's love on the otherside. This time, I know how to give it over to Him and not walk on my own....and not try to sort out all the joy and pain...but let them stay together and just experience this at a time. To not deny myself...anything. It's really is! I will smile, when I feel like smiling, and cry when I feel like crying. The point is I will feel!

I don't know when I'll be back, I must get off, the computer is dying, and I can't find the plug....oh and baby Isaac is great, and we are 7 weeks away!

Please Pray!

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Post of 2010! long can I make it!??!

wow is it really already the 8th of January? I thought for sure it was just yesterday that I posted our Christmas card! HA, how time flies right now! Remember when you were a kid and it took FOREVER for Christmas to come, especially the few days right before Christmas!...AHHH, those were the days! for a quick fill in of our Christmas! Emma was in the Nutcracker, as I already posted before, and that is when I consider the "Christmas season" started for us! We had a busy week "nutcracker week" with rehearsal and cast parties and all...thank you Susan for helping me keep it all straight! I am now an official nutcracker mama, as I made it through the week!(although not w/o helpful information being passed along!) heehee! After that we had the everyone hopefully saw, we are having a BOY!...I refuse to say anymore "another boy" as most have responded!....there is absultly NOTHING wrong w/ another boy! I am THRILLED it's a boy! I'm not afraid or to proud to admit, I was afraid I would be disappointed if it was a boy...but BOY was i WRONG! I am certain that God knew EXACTLY what He was doing! The big kids went w/ us to the u/s, and both were surprised it was a boy, but both excited...well sorta! Both were excited to know it was a boy, but Ian, well, he MELTED...cried and cried...he wanted to hold the baby and was extremely upset that he wasn't going to get to hold the baby!...oh my, what a sight he boy, it took me half an hour to get him back to himself! HA...FINALLY I convenced him that baby Isaac let us "peek at him" and that he was only this big(imagine me holding out my hands about 7'') and that he couldn't come out of mommy's tummy until he was this big (again, imagine me holding my hands out about 19'') he seemed to understand that and has told EVERYONE that the baby's not big enough to come if no one else knew that either!....too cute! So after that and another uneventful visit w/ the dr (a good thing!) we were ready for Christmas day...well almost! It wouldn't be a normal week in our house if we didn't wonder if someone needed a trip to the drs!...and sure enough, Christmas Eve, I am wondering if I need to take Eli in or not....he had had a cold, and wasn't getting better, he was grumpy, but cutting teeth...but then, again, the teeth had cut through, but the mood was no better! realize, Eli's grumpy still includes the following (laughing, playing, sleeping all night, eating, drinking, and loving life...the change was not napping in the daytime, and wanting to be held all afternoon...THAT's IT!) In fact we went to the Christmas service on the 23rd that Elevation held (AWESOME, AWESOME...I love my pack out a place that holds 2000, 4 times in 2 days...AWESOME!) and he stayed in the nursery and their comment about him (being w/ them after bedtime) was that he was PERFECT and HAPPY! SO you might ask, why in the world are you taking him....well, he was just off, and whiney in the afternoon...that was really it, I expected that to go away after the teeth popped through and it didn' I took him Christmas Eve morning....DOUBLE...YES DOUBLE EAR INFECTION AND SINUS INFECTION!....grrr! But I am so thankful I took him then and didn't wait! Poor boys ears were killing him! We went on w/ the rest of our day's plans and he slept on me alot everywhere we went!
Christmas morning we were up early (Alex still being a kid at heart was the first on up! lol...super cute!) and opened presents early at home and then headed off to mom and Gary's in our PJ's! Oh how thankful I am to be able to say that! The plan was for them to come to our house, but in the end we weren't sure Gary would be up and moving on Christmas morning, but he was, which was great! We took breakfast to them and enjoyed being there for most of the day, then home to put on some clothes, take naps and then off again to Alex's dad's for a night of more fun!

We always take down our Christmas stuff the next day, but we didn't this year, we had one more stop the day after Christmas w/ my grandparents and family on dad's side...I love extending it one more day! :) the Christmas decorations came down on Sunday instead!.....I must admit I LOVE getting my house back after the holidays!

The Monday after Christmas Alex had the day off (he has to use all his vacation every it was his last day off for the year! We took the kids to Discovery Place for a couple of hours and then headed to Ikea (a post all of it's own!....heheeee!)

Tuesday and Wednesday Morgan (my cousin) came down and hung out w/ me and the kids, we went shopping at Concord Mills and just had a fun time not doing anything but what we wanted to do!

Thursday Alex was off again, and we didn't do much of anything but stay home...I think(honestly I can't remember!) New years day we had lunch at my grandparents...our traditional new year's lunch, then back to Ikea....Saturday morning, Cathy kept the kids and we went again to...yes Ikea! HA, I said it was a whole other post! That about concludes our holiday was such a fun time this year, as the kids get older, Christmas is such fun again!'s like being a kid again myself, seeing it all through their eyes! I love it! Oh, this past Sunday Emma and I went w/ Cathy(my mother-in-law)Kelly, Nevaeh and Lydia to see the Princess and the Frog...well, if you have seen my fb pages you know my feeling on it!....umm, let's just say, that one won't be coming in my house and I'll be completely thrilled if Emma never sees it again!....disney, you disappointed me this time!....ok, ok, off my soapbox...remember, it's my opinion, I'm allowed! :)

This week....the first week after the new year...the first week of 2010! Has been an AWESOME week! I love being back in school, back to my routine!...LOVE it! I noticed a lot of people on fb were talking about back to "reality"...I must LOVE me some reality! heehee, On top of that, I have flipped some stones in my life! I am not big on new years resolutions, I am more the kind of person, that if I see something in my life I want to change, I do it...right then, no matter the time of year! It happened I made this decision to change somethings right along w/ the new year! (mostlikely b/c Pastor Stephen's sermon really convicted me too! :) ) So this past week a few new things have entered my world...the biggest being, getting up b/f my kids!....and I plan to back up the time even more next week...b/c I am LOVING it so much! AND b/c of that choice, I am now getting into the word EARLY everyday, and not "hopefully at sometime" during the day! I am also doing laundry DAILY(by doing...I mean, wash, dry, fold AND put away!)....oh boy do we have enough for that!....and keeping it all clean! NICE, LOVING that too!...Sammy and I challenged ourselves to pick 4 things to change and start those are three of my four...w/ the last being not going to bed w/ a dirt kitchen...all which I have accomplished everyday this week, and am LOVING it so much, our house is so much more put much! AMAZING (funny thing is I knew that was the case, yet it took me FOREVER to decide to do it!....oh well, not looking back, just forward!)

This coming week our Church is starting a new series called "New thru 30" a while back the staff and some lead volunteers did something called "B90x" where they read the whole bible in 90 days...I didn't join in at the time b/c I was in another study that required a lot of time too and wanted to complete that...but the "new thru 30" is reading the New Testament in 30 days and I am super excited about starting....part of the reason I am getting up earlier now, I know I will need this time in the morning to get thru all the chapters everyday!....well, I think that about catches me up, life is blessed, I am looking forward to 2010 and all it will bring to my family! I am enjoying my kiddos so much, and being home w/ them! I hope 2010 is everything God wants for you!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


He is happy and healthy! I am blessed beyond measure! My prayer is that your Christmas present is as special as mine! :) Thank you Jesus for coming to save us sinners from our fallen state...and thank you for tiny life just like our baby Isaac, and for technology that allows us to peek in and see that sweet life kicking around, and that awesome little heart beating away!